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Plant Fossils from Green River Formation

Description: During the Eocene, a lake complex covered some 50,000 square miles of land in Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah. This complex resulted in some of the most impressive lacustrine fossil deposits famed throughout the world as the Green River Formation. While the preservation of fauna in the form of fish and insects is quite impressive, an extensive variety of plant material was preserved as well, with over 150 genera represented. While many taxa characteristic of much of the Northern Hemisphere have been found are indicative of a land link with both Europe and Asia, some 30% of the genera are endemic to the region. The climate appears to have been more subtropical than at present, much more like the Gulf Coast region of today. There are also woodland forms, such as hackberry, sycamore and sumac as well as lakeside forms like willow and cottonwood to be found as well, providing clues to the diverse environments to be found within this extensive region.

Age: Eocene (50 million years ago)
Location: Green River Formation, Uinta County, Utah

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Name: Rhus nigricans (Sumac)
Size: 42mm X 11mm Matrix: 75mm X 75mm
Code: GRP01 - Sold
Name: Populus wilmattae (Poplar)
Size: 75mm X 30 mm Matrix: 95mm X 72mm
Code: GRP02 - Sold
Name: Populus cinnamomoides (Poplar)
Size: 45mm X12mm Matrix: 52 mm X 65mm
Code: GRP03 Sold
Name: Salix cockerelli (Willow)
Size: 60 mm X 7 mm Matrix: 105mm X 85mm
Code: GRP04 - Sold
Name: Leguminiosites lesquereuxiana
Size: 43mm X 22mm Matrix: 100mm X 75mm
Code: GRP05 Sold
Name: Mimosites coloradensis (Mimosa)
Size: 30mm X 6mmMatrix: 65mm X 55mm
Code: GRP06 Sold
Name: Salix cockerelli (Willow)
Size: 55 mm X 11 mm Matrix: 80mm X 50mmCode: GRP07 Code: GRP07 Sold
Name: Zelkova nervosa (Keaki Tree)
Size: 40 mm X 7 mm Matrix: 75mm X 55mm
Code: GRP08 Sold
Name: Cardiospermum coloradensis (Balloon Vine)
Size:45mm X 28mm Matrix: 93mm X 58mm
Code: GRP09 - Sold
Name: Mimosites coloradensis (Mimosa)
Size: 40mm X 9mm Matrix: 55mm X 50mm
Code: GRP10 $15
Name: Zelkova nervosa (Keaki Tree)
Size: 25 mm X 7 mm Matrix: 40mm X 40mm
Code: GRP11 $15
Name: Leguminiosites regularis
Size: 66mm X 18mm Matrix:100mm X 70mm
Code: GRP12 Sold
Name: Zelkova nervosa (Keaki Tree)
Size: 47 mm X 10 mm Matrix: 57mm X 42mm
Code: GRP13 - Sold
Name: Aleurites glandulosa with insect damage (Spurge)
Size: 78mm X 81mm Matrix: 95mm X 75mm
Code:GRP14 - Sold
Name: Quercus cuneatus (Oak)
Size: 55mm X 20mm Matrix: 105mm X 80mm
Code: GRP15 - Sold
Name: Aleurites glandulosa (Spurge)
Size: 99mm X 75mm Matrix: 112mm X 97mm
Code:GRP16 - Sold