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Knightia eocaena Fish Fossils from Green River Formation

Description: These 50 million year old, Eocene-Era fossil fish come from one of the world's famous Laggerstatten, the Green River Formation in Wyoming. A small portion of the fish fossils from Green River exhibits such fine preservation. The significant extent of soft-tissue preservation that makes the site famous is evident in these specimens.

These particular fish are Knightia eocaena, the State Fossil of Wyoming. In Fossil Lake, these fish reach their maximum size of 25 cm, but averages roughly half that. Knightia was a schooling fish that is sometimes found in mass mortality layers confined to a single plane, indicative of a single event. Theories as to the reasons include stratified water turnovers as well as poisoning due to blooms of blue-green algae. The modern-day Alewife is known to do so in the Great Lakes of the US.

Name: Order Clupeifomes; Family: Clupeidae; Knightia eocaena
Age: Eocene
Location: Green River Formation, Fossil Lake, Kemmerer, Wyoming

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Size: 59 mm in length on a 69 mm by 48 mm matrix
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Size: 79 mm in length on a 92 mm by 42 mm matrix
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Size: 80 mm in length on a 97 mm by 52 mm matrix
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Size: 80 mm in length on a 100 mm by 57 mm matrix
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Size: 75 mm in length on a 125 mm by 78 mm matrix
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Size: 86 mm in length on a 100 mm by 45 mm matrix
Code GRF41 - Sold
Size: 85 mm in length on a 123 mm by 83 mm matrix
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Size: 92 mm in length on a 124 mm by 75 mm matrix
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