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Gogia Eocrinoids From The Middle Cambrian Of Utah

Description: Coming from the Cambrian Wheeler Formation deposits of Millard County, Utah are fine examples of Gogia spiralis, a member of the Class Eocrinoidea. Eocrinoids (“dawn crinoids”), were among the earliest groups of Echinoderms. They had a vase-shaped body (calyx), covered by plates that were symmetrical and had a bifurcated brachiole, a slender arm-like structure for food gathering that closely resembled those in cystoids. The early Eocrinoids were attached to the bottom by a thick holdfast. Later members had an elongated stalk much like the true crinoids that evolved later. Gogia displayed an interesting ontogenic feature related to its arms. Once Gogia matured past the 4-armed stage (the species derives its name from the spiraled arms), they added arms in such a way as to have an odd-numbered total.

Name: Order Echinodermata; Family Eocrinoidea; Gogia spiralis
Geological Time: Middle Cambrian
Fossil Site: Wheeler Formation, Millard County, Utah

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Gogia Eocrinoid
Size: 37 mm X 30 mm
Matrix: 100 mm X 93 mm
Code EC056 - $85
Size: 43 mm X 30 mm
Matrix: 70 mm X 65 mm
Code EC059 - $65
Size: 45 mm X 35 mm
Matrix: 73 mm X 70 mm
Code EC068 - $45
Size: 39 mm X 28 mm
Matrix: 60 mm X 48 mm
Code EC073 - Sold
Size: 73 mm X 53 mm
Matrix: 110 mm X 70 mm
Code EC080 - $45
Size: 27 mm X 28 mm
Matrix: 55 mm X 40 mm
Code EC083 - $40
Size: 36 mm by 32 mm
Matrix: 82 mm by 82 mm
Code EC092 - $85
Size: 27 mm X 25 mm
Matrix: 120 mm X 100 mm
Code EC046 - $40
Size: 38 mm X 34 mm
Matrix: 80 mm X 57 mm
Code EC088 - $35
Size: 40 mm X 29 mm
Matrix: 50 mm X 40 mm
Code EC084 - Sold
Size: 36 mm X 33 mm
Matrix: 98 mm X 60 mm
Code EC085 - Sold